Mariachis Democracy Days

The Latino movement in America is taking American Democracy by storm with the 2016 Presidential election. In a race that is dividing the country along racial lines, any opportunity a candidate has to set themselves apart from their competition needs to be taken. The biggest minority group to come forward this election cycle is the Latino community. On the Republican side, conservatives have come out strongly against Latinos and their communities, especially as they relate to illegal immigration. That means that the majority of Latino voters will be voting for a Democratic candidate come November. The question is, which candidate?


Hillary Clinton was the first to rally Latino supporters to her cause before the Democratic debate in Las Vegas in October. What did she use to get the word out that the Latino community supports Hillary Clinton? Mariachi bands, of course. These mainstays of Mexican and Mexican-American culture are easy to recognize with their unique style of music, not to mention the sombreros. Hillary Clinton artfully applied the use of mariachi bands in Las Vegas to show her competition – both Democrats and Republicans – that she had the support of the Latino community. The trumpets and guitars spoke for the community as it stood behind Hillary Clinton prior to the debate.


But do mariachi bands play a bigger role in Democracy in America? As the country moves closer to the election in November, you can be sure that candidates on both sides will be courting the minority vote in an effort to beat out the competition. And you can expect to see mariachis in Houston tx bands right there showiMariachinhoustontxng the support of the Latino community for one candidate or another. This symbol of the Latino community will be employed by candidates looking for that extra edge over the competition. Chances are, there will not be mariachi bands playing for any Republican candidates on Democracy Day in 2016, but they will be there in force across the country to show support for the Democratic Party, as it has traditionally been the party of minorities over the last several elections.


Mariachi bands represent the Latino community, and the candidates that they show their support for are, generally speaking, the candidates that the Latino community supports. This election cycle, these bands are being used to show support for Democratic candidates, especially Hillary Clinton. So this Democracy Day, as the nation prepares for the vote in November, expect to hear mariachi tunes wafting across the country as the support for Democratic candidates is announced.

Democracy on the OBGYN!!

democracy obgyn


The United States political system is indeed considered to be one of the most important aspects that informs on the country’s identity. There are several tenets of the country political system and one important tenet is the concept of democracy. Democracy simply entails allowing the majority to have their way while at the same time allowing the minority to have their say. In the United States and indeed in many other established democracies, the most fundamental component of democracy is self-rule. Self-rule in this context simply implies the citizenry being accorded a chance

to govern themselves through their elected representatives. The main objective of democracy days is therefore to accord members of the general public with an opportunity to vote and determine their political leaders. It is indeed true that most politicians take advantage of their leadership positions and instead of using such positions to benefit the citizenry, a significant number of politicians use these positions to pursue their won selfish interests.

One of the most effective ways of addressing the issue of rogue politicians is to set aside a designated Democracy days’ as public holidays. This will effectively accord a higher number of people with an opportunity to actively exercise their democratic right by participating in the voting process. In turn, more and more people will be in a position to vote in the right caliber of political leadership.

Brownsville Tx is one of the most influential political environments in the country. The overall health of the residents is an important aspects to consider when analyzing the State’s and by extension, the country’s political health. This is because; people are more likely to vote when they are in good health. OBGYN in Brownsville Tx play an important role in ensuring that women, who constitute a majority of the State’s population, are supplied with proper medical care that will enable most of them to be in physically fit and indeed be in a position to exercise their democratic right.

Bernie Sander

Senator Bernie Sanders has proposed a bill that ‘Democracy day’ be a national holiday so that everyone can make it out to vote. By having the day off work, the hope is that people will vote. This will not cure voter apathy though as many feel politicians are all liars and crooks and say will do this or that to be elected and do nothing when get in office. That is why they don’t vote. it is sad though as it is a right we had to fight for. Most people are too busy to keep up with what politicians are doing or not doing and don’t know the people that are running. Many are completely out of touch, like our senators with what the average American is going through now a days as they are making salaries of $100,000 and are still practicing law and bringing in more revenue.

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Along with Democracy Day, aka, election day, as a day off to vote, on November 4th, other effective strategies to get people to vote are: emailing them online, having candidates on SNL and debates so people can learn what the candidates stand for. Also instead of the mudslinging that goes on in the campaign process, via tv,radio,mailings,news paper ads,that is so annoying, clearing stating what the candidate has done in the past and will do in the future is enough.

Instead of the candidates campaigning across the united States, wasting money and time, why don’t they donate the money to charities the most in need like mental health, homelessness, education, boys and girls clubs, parks,gun control? They could meet at one place that we all could tune into via tv or internet and view and listen to them. That is plenty.

Democracy Days: A New Motivation

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 3.21.27 PMJorge Lanse is a loyal and hard-working  computer software programmer of Intuit Inc., one of Forbes Global 2000′ companies. He is in-charge of developing programs that maintain and control different software systems. He also owns a roofing company in Baytown Texas. He did his job so well that he was promoted thrice within 2014. That doubled his salary and increased his health care benefits. It really made Jorge and his wife so happy. They thought to themselves that they were living the life of their dreams, but not for long.
Most of the time, Jorge had to stay late in the office, up to 8:30 in the evening. However, lately he had to work until 11pm. His high position requires him to make sure that every programming project is running according to design and deadline. He can’t miss even a single lapse because his company is accountable to well-respected clients with global projects in different industries.
For months, Jorge was very diligent and patient delivering every work output required of him. To be able to fulfill this, he had to stay in the office longer and go out travelling to meet clients. Sometimes he can’t go home for days, for weeks and for almost a month. He’s about to burn out. Now he misses his family and feeling like he’s in prison. He often stares at his lovely window beside his desk and long for democracy days.
“Aaah…If only I can have my democracy days.” He sighs and tells himself. After such time, Jorge began to feel tired and lonely. He saw himself locked up in what he now calls a prison job. One time he went home, his 7-year-old son almost didn’t recognize him. Jorge was sad but he knew his commitment in his work. He often thought about his new motivation, his democracy days. Continue reading