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The Essence of Democracy

For a while now I ask any person tweeting that the DNC was rigged, “How was it rigged, ____?” Over half the time, they do not respond. When they do, they cite Donna Brazille’s withdrawn claim from before her book came out.

I’ve documented and fought voter suppression and election fraud for years, so I took this claim seriously. It’s downright tragic that we have to fight this claim still after so many egregious examples of flagrant voter suppression by Republicans. This claim cut into 2016.

The sad part is, after all I have committed years toward the idea of “what is truth?” I found people will ultimately believe what they choose to believe. Truth is a la carte.

Which is why I have since focused instead on fighting back vitriol. Emotions play as much a role in voting as truth, if not more.

Idealism leads to denial. I finally understand what realism mixed with idealism yields: Hope. That’s what Barack and Michelle brought. Not “It’s our revolution they owe us everything.” Hope that we can move forward, together, with cool heads. It’s a different worldview.

I didn’t appreciate the perils of idealism until 2016. People who spent a full year demonizing Hillary shrugging, “What did I do? I’m just one person.” Refusing to accept responsibility is a dangerous trait.

The essence of democracy is that one person can make a difference. Using your voice to that end, and then pretending it had no effect, you’re not even fooling yourself. It’s an extension of idealism along the lines of “my shit don’t stink.”

The essence of democracy is that one person can make a difference.