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Elizabeth Warren: "Change the Rules to Strengthen our Democracy"

Sen. Elizabeth Warren stepped out to announce her candidacy for president today to Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5.” A genuine wonk, a real fighter, a good speaker, and committed to major progressive reforms, we’ll see if she has the political instincts to navigate the nonsensical high seas of the Trump Tsunami. She seems like an ideal candidate for another era, either before or after now, when we weren’t fending off foreign influence. The deluge of criminality in the White House is why I would prefer a prosecutor as President, but that’s another story.

What impressed a number of Democrats on Twitter was Warren’s emphasis on intersectional politics and voter access. Here are some of her highlights on democracy issues:

“Change the rules to strengthen our democracy. And that starts with a constitutional amendment to protect the right of every American citizen to vote and have that vote count. Oh, and that’s just the beginning. Overturn every single voter suppression rule that racist politicians use to steal votes from people of color. Outlaw partisan gerrymandering by Democrats or Republicans. And overturn Citizens United, our democracy is not for sale.”

It’s a great message, but unfortunately a 40-minute campaign speech is a lot these days. Even her launch video at four and a half minutes seems like a short documentary for a political convention. Ideally, though, political campaigns, particularly the primaries, are to trot out and debate ideas. That didn't really happen in 2016, even though both Democratic candidates showed up with good ideas. Here’s hoping the next year brings more focus on policy and not character assassination.