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My representative in the House, Adam Schiff, sent Republicans scurrying yesterday when they demanded he resign the leadership of the House Foreign Services Committee, claiming that the Mueller report had exonerated President Trump and it was wrong fro Rep. Schiff to have ever questioned him. That no one has even read the Mueller Report is readily glossed over by Republicans, claiming it proves there was no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, which is then thoughtlessly repeated by the media.

Rep. Schiff put a stop to the hasty claims of vindication for the guy who fought this investigation every step of the way. In case you have forgotten, Schiff lays out how we got here, how so many Trump associates were convicted, and shames the Republicans for the lawlessness they have tried to pass off as policy.

If the Mueller report exonerated Trump’s ties to Russia, he’d be tweeting out excerpts joyfully. Instead, the Mueller Report is not being released, Republicans are claiming what it does say, the White House is redacting it, and Barr is sitting on it for weeks, starting to realize that his initial claims will be contradicted when this report comes out one way or another.

Meanwhile, social media lit up with #YouMightThinkItsOkay in support of Rep. Schiff’s steadfast stewardship.