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Traitors' End



Today is the anniversary of Robert E. Lee’s formal surrender and end to the U.S. Civil War. It’s a pretty monumental day for democracy: the end of the slave state. And yet we still haven’t really gotten over that war or what it was about, over a hundred years later.

Sure, you have your standard corruption revelations, like the NC GOP chair being indicted, or the Democratic mayor of Baltimore being asked to resign by the entire city council after it was revealed she was selling her children’s books as a pay-to-play graft; Mayor Pugh sold so many books (to one buyer) she should have been on the New York Times best-seller list. However embarrassing these scandals are for the politicians—and us—it shows that at while our electeds may not be good at their jobs, at least investigators are.

But the un-elected, those occupying the White House with the help of foreign adversaries, they seem increasingly at war with our laws.

But the un-elected, those occupying the White House with the help of foreign adversaries, they seem increasingly at war with our laws. As Congress struggles to obtain the complete Mueller Report, Attorney General Barr appeared before Congress today and defiantly stated that he would only be releasing a redacted version of the report, in a week.

Kirstjen Nielsen was fired by Trump this weekend as Secretary of Homeland Security, allegedly because Trump wants border patrol to act against the law in their efforts to pursue illegal immigrants. Trump was angered by the reports, courtesy of Stephen Miller’s scheming to leak increased immigration numbers to a conservative news outlet. There are still 284 jobs vacant in the Executive Branch that need filling. Trump abuses the temporary appointment process and leaves our government under-staffed with dolts elevated to leadership positions, like Herman Cain being nominated to the Federal Reserve Board, a move so disastrous even Mitch McConnell won’t support it.

We are thankfully not in combat against fellow Americans today, though you might not be so sure seeing black churches burned to the ground, all while Republicans pretend to act like white nationalism is not a thing.

But even by the standards of our exhausted state of alarm, these increasingly bold steps to defy the law are ominous. It’s apparent since Trump’s ascent that many white Americans are A-okay with explicit racist rhetoric, even after his own policies punish them more. There will be no change of heart with them standing at our sides in the streets against our oppressors.

They will sit in quiet support of the South, all over again.