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Los Angeles Matching Funds Program

Here is a video I made for Common Cause CA about Los Angeles’ matching funds program, allowing candidates for citywide office to increase their campaign chest by raising small-dollar donations from citizens in their district.

AOC on HR1

Congress is holding hearings on HR1, the For The People Act, a broad anti-corruption reform package introduced by Rep. John Sarbannes, who introduced a screening of PAY 2 PLAY on Capitol Hill in 2016. HR1 aims to make voting easier, gerrymandering harder, transform how campaigns are financed, and enhance election security.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke at a hearing with representatives from Common Cause, Brennan Center, and other advocacy organizations to outline the very legal ways that our campaign finance rules allow corruption. Please watch her thorough breakdown:

State of the Union Flashback

As we look back on how we got into this roadside car crash on the road toward democracy, the biggest blowout we hit was in 2010, when the Roberts Supreme Court dropped Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commission. As I detail in Democracy Days, the Citizens United decision allowed outside spending into our elections with few limits and no disclosure, striking down Watergate-era reforms, and creating Super PACs, which are as transparent as swamp water.

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PAY 2 PLAY on YouTube

Our 2014 documentary on the fight to get money out of politics is now on YouTube, PAY 2 PLAY: Democracy’s High Stakes. So now there’s at least one documentary on YouTube that isn’t a conspiracy film about the Federal Reserve.

"The best documentary about speaking truth to power since The Big Lebowski" — John Nichols (The Nation/MSNBC)