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Keeping the Heat on Clarence Thomas

Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has made the news again for meeting with Donald Trump and fronting a far-right religious group. The reason is, previous jurists on the Supreme Court have traditionally kept their political interests quiet so as to not raise doubt about their objectivity. A problem with modern Republicans is their willingness to contort our democracy norms to advance their fundamentalism.

Here is a section of Democracy Days that covers the troubling alliances of Thomas & Thomas.

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Why a Book?

This book is a collection of essays and interviews during the Obama era that appeared in HuffPost which are still relevant. There is still long-term reform of our voting systems and campaign finance laws to be achieved. In these essays there is unknowing prescience about the rise of the right wing as a backlash to Obama’s election. The flash point that was Occupy Wall Street had to be experienced to be understood, but its captivating launch is relayed in these pages.

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As idealized as the Obama years may seem, it wasn’t that our democracy was healthy because the popular vote winner was in power. In fact, the backlash was swift and vengeful, but the glow of victory on Obama’s election night kept us convinced that America was ours from now on. But it is on certain days that democracy gets a win—automatic voter registration going into effect in California, Pennsylvania’s gerrymandered maps being struck down in court, a first-time transgender candidate replacing the Assembly member that wrote North Carolina’s anti-trans bathroom bill. 

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