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Virginia House of Delegates v. Golden Bethune-Hill

In 2011, Virginia had already complied with the pre-clearance as required by the Voting Rights Act, meaning the federal government had approved these voting districts as racially equitable. (This requirement went away with 2013’s Shelby County vs. Holder, which muted many of the Voting Rights Act’s key reforms.) But the residents of the twelve districts at issue in Virginia House of Delegates v. Golden Bethune-Hill argue that the voting districts drawn only have the appearance of being fair.

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Rucho v. Common Cause

An important case is before the Supreme Court that could affect gerrymandering and how much legislators can take advantage of their elected office. In Rucho v. Common Cause, the North Carolina redistricting effort was brazenly drawn to partisan advantage for Republicans, creating ten Republican districts, and only three Democratic districts.

Here are the amicus briefs filed by Common Cause in support of fair redistricting, from an impressive lineup of contributors.

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